Catching the Wave

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    This work has just sold but if you would like one like it please email or call 07799 535 765 to speak to us to arrange this . There is no extra charge for a commission by Diane Whalley. A commission also means you can have the work personalised with a dedication to your loved one or of course yourself! As always free shipping worldwide is offered.

    Diane Whalley
    Catching the Wave
    Original Abstract Painting
    Acrylic Paint on Canvas
    Size: H 20cm x W 20cm x D 4cm
    Sold Unframed
    (Please note that in situ images are purely an indication of how a piece may look).

    Catching the Wave is an original abstract expressionist painting by emerging contemporary artist Diane Whalley. Painted in thick layers of acrylic on a deep 4cm canvas with the paint extending around the four sides creating an impression of continuation, expressing the vastness of the sea.

    All about the thrill of catching the wave as it approaches, whether actually being in the water surfing the waves or charging your way through it. Or simply watching its power from land as the water surges towards you and just stopping short of your toes or is it going to bubble over your feet undercutting the sand from beneath you. There are deep blues from the sea and softer shades from the sky, white foam of the waves and peachy orange of the beach – the sounds, smells and visions of the coast are here with you.

    This artwork is sold unframed to allow the rawness of the paint to be seen on all four edges of the 4cm deep canvas. This piece works well alongside Off to the Beach.

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    • Size : H 20 cm x W 20 cm
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