Distant landfall

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  • About this work of Art

    Kim Pragnell

    Distant Landfall

    Original Seascape Painting

    Oil paint on Board

    Canvas Size: H 57cm x W 87cm x D 2.5cm

    Sold Unframed

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    Seascape painted in oil on board, created from the inspiration of solitude. Despite the close proximity of land, it is possible to be alone and isolated when at sea. The sun breaking through suggests hope and possible salvation but you could be moving away from land, rather than towards it! Muted colours quieten the drama, but give the feeling of suspense and danger.
    Painted on MDF, the stability of the medium allows longevity without the issue of warping or damage.
    The painting comes unframed, but this can be resolved.

    Kim Pagnell, painter, is available for sale online and in our art gallery at Wychwood Art. Kim Pagnell was born in 1952, miles from the sea. Joined Royal Navy,aged 14 and worked in boatyards when I left. After this Kim pursued a career as a Theatre Designer. In 1990 Kim became Head of Art at Watford College and taught for 20 years. Now, Kim has two studios, one in Hampshire and one in Dorset. I have been a painter for over 40 years, based largely in the SouthWest and on the coast. My overriding interest has been the sea, with seven years in the Royal Navy, time with Seagoing tugs and cable ships and working in traditional boatyards. I have painted extensively in watercolôur and became quite enamoured with the amazing qualities one could extract from this medium. Discovery of oil paint was a revelation and I have been exploring the joy of this medium ever since. I teach others how to paint the sea, how to master both the medium and the subject. To be able to both understand and appreciate the majesty of the sea, to recreate the energy and excitement, and to play with the light, colour and texture is something every artist should experience and I am privileged to have that ability.

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    • Size : H 86 cm x W 57 cm
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