Coffee Break

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  • About this work of Art

    Eliza Southwood cycling art of coffee break

    Coffee Break is an A3 sized piece depicting a small group of riders in tight formation painted on high-quality 250gsm ivory paper is signed and dated by the artist.

    Eliza Southwood is an artist and illustrator who creates custom-produced works of art inspired by the professional cycling peloton using the finest dark-roasted coffee beans.

    Southwood Says: “Cycling and coffee drinking are two pursuits that are inextricably linked. There’s something in the deep rich darkness of a well made espresso that sets the mind wandering to the dusty roads of Tuscany and the mountain finishes of the Grand Tours. My work is created in a swift series of brush strokes using the colour of coffee allied with the form of the cup to depict the kinetic energy of the peloton.”

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    • Size : H 42 cm x W 59.5 cm
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