Emma Levine, White Oak

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  • About this work of Art

    Emma Levine
    White Oak
    Laser Cut Paper Hawthorn Tree Attached with Pins
    Etymology Pins, Silk and Paper
    Framed Size: H 53cm x W 53cm x D 7cm
    Framed in a Dark Grey Wood Effect Box Frame

    White Oak is an original paper cut artwork by Emma Levine. The white and grey tones gives the work a serene and sophisticated feel, allowing you to focus on the delicate for of the oak.

    I followed working in London for several textile print studios with 4 years designing textiles and embroidery for a fashion house in Paris, regularly travelling to India for inspiration and to develop the print collection. Colour, texture and light all inspire, delight and inform me. I look for the journey of my materials particularly paper- it’s source, it’s evolution to a finished piece and it’s eventual destination. It’s a silent language usually revealing itself beyond completion. I like to feel a fragility and a quiet change between colour and texture. I want light to filter and cast shadows over each work gently forming new life, movement and dimension. I watch for the space in each piece, how the eye travels around the image, how light on the pins pushes the layers forward. I listen to what each piece asks for.

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    • Size : H cm x W cm
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