Floating Worlds

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    Lorraine Thorne
    ‘Floating Worlds’
    In Floating Worlds’ other worlds float down like rain or snow. The idea of the microcosm is present too. ‘Microcosm means “small world,” and in the thought of the Renaissance, it was applied specifically to human beings, who were considered to be small-scale models of the universe, with all its variety and contradiction’
    One of the circles has a detail in gold leaf which has been inspired by a phylogenetic tree or evolutionary tree…. ‘All life on Earth is part of a single phylogenetic tree’
    I have worked in layers on a wooden panel using gesso, acrylic, water-soluble graphite, gold leaf, variegated metal leaf and varnish.
    It could hang on the wall as it is, with a depth of 2.5cm. Or it could be housed in a larger frame.
    Some of the gold leaf is burnished, some is altered with varnish, so that there are fluctuating changes with the light and position of viewing it.

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    • Size : H 100 cm x W 120 cm
    • Detail from Floating worlds
    • Lorraine Thorne Detail 2 Floating w. Wychwood Art

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