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Foxcote, Cotswolds


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Georgie Dowling
Foxcote, Cotswolds
Original landscape painting
Oil paint on canvas
Canvas Size: 50cm x 50cm x 2 cm
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‘Foxcote, Cotswolds’ is an original landscape painting by Georgie Dowling. A photograph was taken on horseback as a reference for this piece which was then created in my home studio. The painting shows a Cotswold stone track receding into the distant trees and fields portrayed by thick strokes of paint applied with a palette knife. The shapes and colours in this piece have been somewhat abstracted with more emphasis being placed on my memory of the place. The paint is applied thickly creating interesting and varied texture which carries onto the edge of the canvas.

I’m an artist based in Gloucestershire exploring the beauty of the British landscape through my oil paintings. I grew up in West Wales surrounded by rolling hills and fields which undoubtedly plays into my fascination with them. Having moved to Cheltenham to study Fine Art I have now based myself there to continue my artistic career. With the Cotswolds on my doorstep I am never short of inspiration.
Inspiration comes to me while exploring the British landscape, sourcing colours and shapes that give me a sense of place. The feeling of stability and stillness that the view of a familiar landscape brings is what draws me to work with this subject matter. The process of reproducing the view brings me the same feeling of stillness I felt whilst I was there. I’m fascinated by the relationship between the natural and man-made lines and forms in the landscape and how the two come together to create a harmonious aesthetic. I find myself drawn to the patterns of trees and hedgerows or structures of walls and paths that define the shapes in our landscape. The effect animals have on the perception of a landscape is also something I am beginning to explore; characterful sheep or a dozing horse can alter the mood of the view that is being portrayed, making them a useful and interesting tool in conveying the feel of the day.​Reference images are taken on walks or horseback as I’m wandering through familiar places and noting the patterns I pass; these then follow me into my home studio where the work is produced. The application of thick paint with a palette knife gives me a sense of sculpting the landscape allowing me to revisit the details I spotted. My work gives me the chance to explore the landscape as I see it from a distance.

Size: H:50 cm x W:50 cm

Georgie Dowling artist with Wychwood Art. Georgie was raised near the coast in rural West Wales surrounded by rolling hills and farmland, no doubt influencing her current practice. Having moved to Cheltenham to study Fine Art she has now based herself there. Work is split between painting en plein air across the country, capturing elements of the surrounding landscape, and working in the studio. “I work quite quickly and my marks are spontaneous and impulsive, I embrace happy accidents and enjoy the life that can be seen in a painting when the artist works instinctively. Inspiration comes to me while exploring the land and sea, sourcing colours and forms that give me a sense of place. The coastline is of particular interest to me; the continuous momentum of the sea and everchanging light is an endless source of inspiration ” Georgie was raised in rural West Wales surrounded by rolling hills and patchwork fields, no doubt influencing her current artistic practice. Having moved to Cheltenham to study Fine Art she has now based herself there working from her home studio. Inspired by the British countryside, she explores the beauty of the landscape through her oil paintings. To discuss works by Georgie Dowling please contact, or call 07799 535765 / 01869 338155.

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