In the swim

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  • About this work of Art

    Gordon Hunt
    In the swim
    Original Oil Painting
    Oil Paint on Belgium linen
    Size: H 30cm x W 30cm x D 4cm
    Sold Unframed
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    ‘In the swim!’ is an original seascape painting by Gordon Hunt. Two children swimming in the sea, it’s very cold, even though it is a bright sunny day. Sunlight sparkles on the ripples of water.
    Gordon Hunt paints beautiful, colourful and relaxing paintings. Gordon works from his home studio in Fowey, Cornwall. “I paint the light effects of sunshine on water, with sparkling reflections and silhouettes, resulting in strong contrasting colours and dynamic shapes,” he explains. “I have a real sense of ‘painting the light’ when creating these works, evoking the feeling of sunshine, holidays and well being, which I think is why they are so popular.” “The camera is my sketchbook, I carry it at all times, ready to capture a moment, a ray of light, a sparkle of water. Back in the studio I sketch out the composition in my sketchbook, it has brown paper pages, so as well as the shapes drawn with a black pencil, I also use a white pencil to indicate the white, bright areas of the painting.” Gordon Hunt builds up layers of colour, working towards the brightest parts of the painting. I also like the modern clean look of box canvas on the wall.

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    • Size : H 30 cm x W 30 cm
    • in the swim. gordon hunt. close up
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    • in the swim. gordon hunt. front view
    • in the swim. gordon hunt. hanging insitu
    • in the swim. Gordon hunt. hanging
    • in the swim. gordon hunt. insitu1
    • in the swim. gordon hunt. back view
    • in the swim. gordon hunt. side view

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