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  • About this work of Art

    Kim Pragnell
    Framed (tray frame, painted grey. 96cm x 66cm
    Seascape, coastal, historic.
    Oil on canvas
    This seascape is of the Humber estuary, part of the East coast of the U.K, of historical importance in terms of shipping and invasions. The use of oil paint on canvas gives the painting, for me, a chance to explore the gestural brush strokes that add to the energy of the waves against the soft colours of the sky. The distant hills have light creeping over them, suggesting a break in the weather. I am very taken with the idea of a reduced colour palette, creating a more subtle atmosphere, whilst still promoting the mystery of the sea through some energetic brush strokes and dark colours.

  • Additional information
    • Size : H 66 cm x W 96 cm
    • 5CBB9D2B-E860-417B-9167-781CE7CD2392
    • D6CD287B-624D-4ADB-BBF3-B37652F9378A
    • F41DE633-39EE-4563-BC7F-187BCA198284
    • A45991EB-BBFA-4E23-A2CB-44817A0CDC47
    • E7EEDF22-06DB-4BC8-AD28-76510C04EE77
    • DD31D03F-9BFD-437F-80DC-B17122F7802C
    • C0F20A2C-37BB-419F-8DBC-CF7DD7328CC8
    • 021DE7CD-A17A-4615-BE22-A674D9AE61EF

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