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  • About this work of Art

    Dani Humberstone
    Original Still Life Painting
    Oil Paint on Board
    Image Size: H cm x W cm x D cm
    Framed Size: H cm x W cm x D cm
    Sold Framed in a Layered Black Grained Frame
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    Lemon is an original painting by Dani Humberstone. Painted using the traditional technique of oil glazes. Chiaroscuro plays an important part with strong light and shade giving the piece a three dimensional effect and some drama.. Framed in a heavy dark wood frame.

    Deborah Allan – chief art curator comments –

    “We love Dani Humberstone original paintings and they do not usually last very long in the gallery! People like to buy the works in pairs or in groups. Get them whilst you can!”

    Dani Humberstone uses the symbolism of ripe fruit to illustrate the narrative. Painting directly from life allows her to translate three dimensions into two and capture the essence or life force of the subject. Individual fruits damage easily; so as they slowly age she tracks their gradual decay in the painting as she works. Fruit has been used metaphorically in art and language for centuries. It has helped Illustrate Fairy Tales, Mythology, The Bible and Shakespeare.etc An apple in Renaissance painting was symbolic of ‘a fallen woman’ and we still use fruit analogies to describe ourselves and our lives today. In her own work the artist also uses elements of abstraction, landscape or line drawing to hint at a deeper narrative within and opening the door to unseen possibilities beyond the immediate image. Dani Humberstone paints in oils, predominantly Old Holland Classic Oil colour – using transparent glazes over opaque colour which creates intense levels of luminosity and depth. Strong light and shade, chiaroscuro, give atmosphere and tone


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    • Size : H 25 cm x W 25 cm
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