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Incredible Edible Flower Cake


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Incredible Edible Flower Cake [2023]


Acrylic on canvas

Image size: H:50 cm x W:40 cm

Complete Size of Unframed Work: H:50 cm x W:40 cm x D:1.5cm

Frame Size: H:54 cm x W:44 cm x D:3.5cm

Sold Framed

Please note that insitu images are purely an indication of how a piece may look

A joyful depiction of a towering celebration cake decorated in edible wild flowers. This painting has a great deal of texture, vibrancy and character.

Kerry Louise Bennett, artist and painter, has original artworks available with Wychwood Art in our gallery and online. Working from her home studio in Sheffield, Kerry Louise Bennett (b.1972) makes colourful paintings loaded with texture and pattern. Her previous lives working in set design, upholstery and photography, and her passion for music and literature, all feed into the semi-abstract interior and still life compositions she paints. In one sense the objects painted and the relationships between them can be seen as arbitrary, necessary only to serve a sense of spatial orchestration, and the abstract sensibility of a process-led artist, however, an element of romance and storytelling always seems to emerge in her charming characterful paintings. Colour and composition, strong mark-making and the pure materiality of paint drive my creative practice, but of course everything I make reveals something of me - the introvert, the observer, the dreamer. I work over multiple layers before finding the story the painting wants to tell. In some ways I feel like the conductor of an unruly orchestra - there is a musicality to my work, and my visual vocabulary draws on the everyday to capture a kind of unconscious narrative that transforms chaos into calm, worry into joy, the mundane to the magical. Kerry says of herself: I am obsessed with colour first and foremost – it’s impact is so visceral, but mark making is also important – usually expressed through pattern and the shapes of things often scratched into the surface of the paint, with textures then built up over many layers. My visual vocabulary draws on the ordinary stuff of life - chairs, plants, vessels... I try to use these motifs lyrically to capture a kind of narrative that is equal measures of the mundane and the magical. Kerry Louise Bennett, artist, is shown in Wychwood Art gallery and online . Please call 07799 535 765 or email to discuss any of Kerry Louise Bennett's original artworks.

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