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Jemma Powell, Three Lemons, Original Oil Painting for Sale


Jemma Powell
Three Lemons
Original Framed Oil Painting
Oil Paint on Board
Framed in a Grey Frame
Image size: H 22cm x W 37.5cm x D 3.5cm
Framed Size: H 22cm x W 27cm x D 3.5cm
Please note that in situ images are purely an indication of how a piece may look.

Three Lemons is an original still life painting by Jemma Powell. The simple impressionist style of the piece focusses on the vibrant yellow of the lemons.

Jemma Powell says: “I like the mistakes, they are the most exciting part, things start to appear and the painting takes on a life of its own.” Jemma Powell draws her inspiration from nature and the places she travels to, working plein air in watercolour, charcoal, pencil and oil pastel, bringing it home to develop later in oil on board. She likes to also work with her memory and the sensations of being in that particular place, working intuitively through the process of applying the paint, wiping it off, reapplying with brush or palette knife, scrubbing it and using her fingers to make expressive marks, stopping when she is happy with the texture and the image. Her love of painting flowers are not botanical paintings, they are merely a way of expressing colour, shape and form. They also reflect her passion of the outdoors and the countryside that surrounds her home. Jemma Powell grew up in a house of artists, mother Lucy Powell is a painter and father Dick Powell a product designer. Both were very influential in her love of the arts. Whilst painting has been an ongoing passion for Jemma, it was not until she was married with children that she decided to focus more seriously on art. Jemma studied drama at Bristol University where she explored significant historical movements, contemporary practices and the theoretical concepts that underpin, inform and shape creative work, She then went on to train as an actress at The Oxford School of Drama. She has worked as an actress for 15 years, working with directors such as Tim Burton, Francois Ozon, and and Marc Munden. She recently exhibited her first solo show at Anthropologie, King rd, London, whilst simultaneously filming a new adaptation of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden. Jemma Powell lives in Oxfordshire with her husband singer-songwriter Jack Savoretti, their 2 children Connie and Winter, and their 3 dogs. She continues to work as both a painter and actress believing that both enrich the other.


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