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Impression Sunrise 2021 by Lee Tiller


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Impression Sunrise 2021 by Lee Tiller [2021]


Oil on stretched canvas

Image size: H:60 cm x W:80 cm

Complete Size of Unframed Work: H:60 cm x W:80 cm x D:2cm

Sold Unframed

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Lee paints in the tradition of the original impressionist painters. There is more than a mere passing nod to some of the greatest artists of the impressionist movement. Claude Monet's famous 1872 painting ‘Impression, Sunrise’ gave birth to the movement’s name. In his sketchy, ethereal painting, modern industry of the time can be seen to the left in the form of chimney stacks bellowing plumes of smoke into the morning air. To the right, iron cranes stand silent and ghostly against a pale violet grey sky. The Impressionist painters would never compromise their art by concealing modernity and industry of the time, and would rather incorporate it into the landscape for accuracy. Little did they know that when Monet painted his canvas he was capturing the embryonic stages of what we refer to as climate change today. ‘Sunrise Impression 2021’ is the first in a series of paintings that Lee has created where he explores the contemporary landscape including elements of modernity. In his painting ‘Impression Sunrise 2021’, gone are the smouldering chimney stacks and industrial cranes of Monet’s era, and in their stead, the sky is a lattice of vapour trails that have revealed the passage of modern aircraft. Lee has a fascination for water, light and reflection, and it’s a pictorial motif often seen in his landscapes and paintings of nature. The colours in this piece are striking!

Lee was born in Berkshire in the UK and now lives and paints amidst the mountains of County Kerry in Ireland. His studio, “the yellow house” which is adjacent to his home is an old converted bothy (small traditional barn) that overlooks a glacial valley known locally as ‘The Pocket’. Lee says… “I draw immense inspiration from the West Coast of Ireland. Its untamed beauty provides endless contrasts to our otherwise orderly state of human existence. The natural majesty of the mountains with their dramatic terrain often leave an unsettled air of intimidation, but can conversely serenade you with a calming gentleness too. It is a magical place indeed.” “I have long been inspired by the 19th Century impressionist painters who explored colour in a way that was hitherto unseen. The immediacy of impressionism provides the viewer with their own intimate experience of place and time, and is very much a case of show, but don’t tell. I love that people can interpret my paintings in a personal capacity. “ On more than one occasion Lee’s work has been likened to Monet and Van Gogh, and it’s easy to see where his major influences lie. Lee’s paintings are collected worldwide and can be found in private collections throughout both hemispheres. Painting in oils, his artistic works cover a diverse range of natural history subjects from marine wildlife through to wild chromatic impressionist landscapes. For more information on Lee Tiller's works please contact Deborah Allan at

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