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Lucid Dreaming


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Tony Hinchliffe’s original purple seascape painting called ‘Lucid Dreaming.’
An Oil Painting on Canvas
Canvas Size: 76cm x 76cm.
Sold Unframed.

Size: H:76 cm x W:76 cm

Tony Hinchliffe has original artworks for sale with Wychwood Art in their art gallery and online. Tony Hinchliffe is a contemporary painter who works as a full-time artist from his studio in Northamptonshire, selling his first commission at just 11 years old, Tony has been honing his craft for many years. Selling his artwork and the copyright worldwide through an agency has seen Tony embrace a whole range of subjects. They include figurative, abstract/realism, landscapes, seascapes and animals. Commenting on his seascape painting Tony said “I have always been drawn to the ocean. The light on the coast can be very special at times, showing off the ocean as a very sensitive  creature and constantly reforming, a power source without a shred of arrogance. A recent painting trip to the Gower Peninsula found my dog and I walking in anticipation with all my painting equipment for  several miles to an intimate piece of coastline. I set up my easel close enough to the breaking waves to get a little damp. The morning mist  amplified the colours in all directions. When the waves broke they left a comforting fizzing sound as the water patiently fell off the rocks to regroup. Colours were constantly changing; blue would very quickly turn towards a subtle vanilla grey within a few minutes, eventually dampening out the sun. The warmth of the sun would gently burn through in places which gave the illusion of a very secretive and happy sky. For me working quickly and without fuss is a key element to depicting such a scene.” Back at his studio, Tony really enjoys the freedom of  abstract/imaginary landscape painting. This gives him the chance to capture a mood with his brush work and look at the colour considerations, a little differently to chasing  realism. This method often brings with it a wonderful sense of escapism.  Tony Commented “I often start by painting an imaginary sky then asking myself how would I feel standing  under that sky? I then work according to how I have  answered that question.” To discuss any art works or to commission art by Tony Hinchliffe, please contact Deborah Allan on or call 07799 535765 / 01869 338155.

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