A Day To Remember #2

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    This work has just sold but if you would like one like it please email deborah@wychwoodart.com or call 07799 535 765 to speak to us to arrange this . There is no extra charge for a commission by Lucy Moore. A commission also means you can have the work personalised with a dedication to your loved one or of course yourself! As always free shipping worldwide is offered.

    Lucy Moore
    A Day To Remember #2
    Original Landscape Painting
    Acrylic Paint on Canvas
    Canvas Size: H 20 cm x W 50 cm x D 1.5 cm
    Sold Unframed
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    A Day To Remember is an original semi-abstract painting by Lucy Moore. Using my signature string grass technique I have created an abstract meadow. This piece would brighten any home or office.

    I have always enjoyed being creative but lacked the confidence to pursue a career as an artist, after many nudges from family and friends I decided to bite the bullet.I set out on my artists adventure in Feb 2014 I used my loft for a studio and spent every spare moment experimenting and creating.
    In Feb 2015 I signed up to several online galleries, every painting I sold boosted my confidence and I would spend hour daydreaming of becoming a full time artist. Since then I have come a long way and have been able to purchase my own studio, I now have a little sanctuary in my back garden.When I am not working as a part time book keeper, I can be found hidden away in my studio creating original artworks.
    I am inspired by the nature around me, from flourishing meadows to the crashing waves in the ocean, however I do like to add my own twist on things. I do love to work freely with abstract using colours and textures to guide me.
    For me Art is a necessity, I need to paint. The colours and images that swirl round my head daily I capture on canvas. I feel very privileged to have sold my work all over the world. My dream is to become a full time artist, With each painting I sell I take a step closer to achieving my goal. 13/08/2018 I took a leap of faith. Currently working as a full time artists. “If you give up on your dreams, what’s left?” (Jim Carrey)

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    • Size : H 20 cm x W 50 cm
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