Close by the Witchbeam Tree. Maggie LaPorte Banks. Contemporary landscape painting.

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  • About this work of Art

    Maggie Laporte Banks.
    Close by the Witchbeam Tree.
    Acrylic, spray paint, collage, raw pigment on canvas.
    Sold Unframed.
    H. 60 cm x W. 60 cm x D 2 cm .
    Insitu images are purely an indication of how a piece may look.

    Close by the Witchbeam tree is the fourth in a series started this summer on Dartmoor.
    The study for this piece of work was made on Dartmoor on a gloriously sunny day in July.
    The colours of the Hazy distant hills, the shapes in the fields and the red berried Witchbeam trees. It was then developed into a larger piece of work, in my Devon studio.

    Maggie LaPorte Banks artist comments: “My Art is routed in landscape, influenced by childhood memories of Donegal, by Lough Swilly, surrounded by dark mountains. I spent ten years living near to the Brecons Beacons and painting using a tent as a studio in all seasons. For over thirteen years I was an artist in residence in a cottage on the end of Cape Cornwall overlooking the Brisons at different times of the year. Therefore, I have a vast amount of passion for the skies, sea and mountains which I love to involve within my paintings. My recent works have been developed from these roots and are becoming much more abstract, focusing on ‘the essence of place’ through the colours I use and emotions I have created. I work mainly in oils, acrylic and mixed media, sometimes adding unique materials such as sand, carborundum, iron fillings and many other products I feel the work dictates.

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    • Size : H 60 cm x W 60 cm
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