On a summers day

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  • About this work of Art

    Media: acrylic on acid free paper

    A day at the seaside spending time at your beach hut relaxing enjoying the wonderful sunshine
    On the beach a fantastic cricket match going on with all to play for!

  • Additional information
    • Size : H 29 cm x W 29 cm
    • 4A267510-3D83-4EA4-BD4B-0CB9D5BF1709
    • 784EE194-C922-45EF-8329-2C5DFBF94362
    • 06E58509-D9C2-4C8C-AC5A-B8BA13964F3D
    • 5877A00D-6890-43AA-9E52-60E9D44F2E9C
    • DFF3BF7D-4A30-4F98-9952-E2D661D48B73
    • 34B2ED1B-081A-4922-AC2A-331C53E44BE3
    • 09EF4FE2-3DAA-4916-B815-B227D22E3E7E
    • E2D61C92-B537-4777-981F-EBB4719071D1
    • 46C61916-99F5-4C39-A3A8-A50D4025A3C6
    • 7CED76E3-B112-4611-99CB-CE517D6646FB
    • 6F789B3F-7738-4920-94A1-AC58AD33C63B
    • 3B69B26D-43BD-4CA5-9812-F1EFE047FC5B