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  • About this work of Art

    Promise, Tony Hinchliffe, Oil on canvas, 120 x 90cm.
    Inspired by a piece wrote by the artist himself:

    “I know someone who once made a promise, after a while circumstances changed making that promise harder to adhere to. They kept that promise though and followed their chosen road blindly to a point that their perspective became a thief, they felt trapped and alone but persevered, as time became a made up word a void appeared on that road. The thought of sharing that promise became unimaginable, the light surrendered, chewed to pieces within that void, dissolving identity into darkness.

    It seemed inevitable that at some point something would give, but it didn’t, enduring each day holding onto it through an inaudible silence, a silence that watched from a distance with seemingly no polar opposite.
    One day the darkness began to weep like an arsonist with nothing left to burn, then something deliciously new appeared and decided to fill that void with sunshine, with that sunshine came a resolve suggesting a brand new beginning.

    They never did brake that promise and only with this new clarity of light did that promise become relevant to the person it was made for.”

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    • Size : H 90 cm x W 120 cm

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