Field Lines

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  • About this work of Art

    Rachel Cronin
    Field Lines
    Original landscape painting
    Acrylic and mixed media on wooden panel
    Image Size: H 50 cm x W 50 cm x D 2 cm
    Framed Size: H 53 cm x W 53 cm x D 3 cm
    Sold Framed in a pale white hand painted wooden float frame
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    Field Lines is an abstract landscape painting in acrylic inspired by the changing landscape in North Oxfordshire. Capturing the feel of a warm day overlooking a rural valley, pale greens and greys create a dreamlike misty atmosphere punctuated by foliage, indistinct trees in the distance and field boundaries. Like many of her other paintings, Rachel uses tools to scratch through and reveal historical paint marks and colours. The painting has also been worked over with dry media such as wax crayons, charcoal and pencils and as such this work is sold sealed and varnished.

    Rachel Cronin, artist, is available for sale online and in our art gallery at Wychwood Art. Rachel Cronin is an abstract landscape artist working in response to the seasons.

    I graduated in 2001 from Hull school of Art and Design with a degree in Fine Art and have been working in a variety of media for nearly twenty years. My work takes in impressions and memories as much as it does sketches and scribbled records. Contrasts of texture, tone, shape, and line interrupt the conversation between mark making and white space. There is a dance between application and reduction until a destination is arrived at, allowing historical layers of paint to peak out from beneath the surface. I am always trying to return to places from my memory and the feelings that I associate with them. My paintings are a homecoming, and an act of remembrance as I try to find my way back to these landscapes. Elemental forces, long ago voices echoing from a tangle of weeds, the drift of early morning fog and the harsh screech of a bird of prey rising on the thermal. These things becoming scratched in paint, a scribbled in pastel or swirled in misty grey layers of acrylic. I love to stretch the limits of paint and see just what it can actually do. With this in mind, I often use mixed media techniques to achieve certain marks and gestures. Paintings are often reworked over and over until a desired effect is achieved. This means that glimpses of previous ideas, forms and scribbles are often visible as the texture builds up on the surface. In 2019 I was the recipient of the JSFineArt award for 2D media at the annual open exhibition at the Heseltine Gallery in Middleton Cheney. I have also exhibited widely in Banbury, Oxford and throughout the Cotswolds. Alongside this I am a workshop facilitator, creative enabler and confidence builder who loves to help others find their creative path in life. I run classes and workshops throughout Oxfordshire.

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    • Size : H 53 cm x W 53 cm
    • Rachel Cronin Field Lines In Situ
    • Rachel Cronin Field Lines Close Up
    • Rachel Cronin Field Lines Close up 1
    • Rachel Cronin Field Lines Reverse
    • Rachel Cronin Field Lines Side View

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