Clearing Mist

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    This work has just sold but if you would like one like it please email or call 07799 535 765 to speak to us to arrange this . There is no extra charge for a commission by Scott Naismith. A commission also means you can have the work personalised with a dedication to your loved one or of course yourself! As always free shipping worldwide is offered.

    Scott Naismith
    Clearing Mist
    Original Mixed Media Painting
    Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint and Spray Paint on Linen Canvas.
    Canvas Size: H 99.5cm x W 100cm x D 3cm
    Frame Size: H 109.5cm x W 110cm x D 4.5cm
    Sold Framed in a Dark Grey Box Frame

    Clearing Mist is an original landscape painting by Scottish artist, Scott Naismith. This mixed media painting including oil, acrylic and spray paint on a linen canvas features a vibrant and colourful depiction of an abstracted version of the Scottish Landscape. The painting involves an impasto style which gives the work more texture, allowing the landscape to come to life and the light of the sun shine through the painting.

    Scott uses vivid colours in a vigorous application to represent the fast changing light conditions of the West coast of Scotland. Colour use often becomes an entirely emotional response to the subject while values can remain representational. The love he has for his native Scottish countryside is portrayed in his work through an ebullient energy with which he handles the colour with palette knife and brush.

    Scott’s recent work concentrates on transitional skies and the many colours involved when light breaks through cloud. These changing skies from dark to light are a metaphor for optimism and hope. After a miraculous recovery from cancer by his father, recent marriage and birth of his 2 children, Scott draws upon a great positivity and energy.

    Landscape artist Scott Naismith studied at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee. In June 2000 landscape and seascape artist Scott Naismtih left with a BDes in Illustration and printmaking. Since graduating Scott Naismith has been a full time artist, working from his studio in Glasgow. Much of his time is spent travelling around the country looking for inspiration for another depiction of the Scottish landscape. Scott Naismith’s paintings are derived from his love of the Scottish landscape and is portrayed through the energy in his paintings. The vigorous application of paint represents the ever-changing light and atmospheric conditions of the west coast of Scotland. Scott Naismith explores with colour which may not be entirely representational, moreover his emotional response to the subject.Clearing Mist is an abstract impressionist painting by Scott Naismith.

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    • Size : H 100 cm x W 100 cm
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