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Soft Light


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Lee Herring.
Soft Light – Acrylic and Mixed Media painting on Board.

This beautiful abstract artwork is sold in a lovely white frame.
Board size: 78cm x 78cm
Framed size: 95 x 95cm

Size: H:95 cm x W:95 cm

Lee Herring art works are available to buy online and in our art gallery. Lee Herring's memory based landscapes are captured from travelling via rail up and down the country. Collecting scraps of information before the scene is passed and forgotten. Each piece is painted solely from memory to create images that are abstracted and expressional more than representational. Lee Herring uses oils, spray paints, varnishes and acrylics which are spread around the raw canvas creating sweeping skies. Bold layers are scraped back and balanced against the dramatic use of paint revealing hidden chinks of colour. The basic composition evolves spontaneously through heavy and joyful mark-making. Scrapers and trowels are used to create delightfully gestural and organic shapes. A mixture of instinctive, deliberate and accidental marks merges the layers together. Areas are energetically reworked or erased until the image reaches a desired beauty. To discuss works or for an art commission by Lee Herring please contact, or call 07799 535765 or 01869 338 155.

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