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Sunset pond


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Anuk Naumann.

Sunset pond-  a mixed media painting in collage and acrylic.

Size: H:45 cm x W:45 cm

Anuk Naumann, artist, exhibits her new artworks for sale online and in Wychwood Art's gallery in Deddington. Anuk Naumann the artist comments : "the process that leads me to a finished painting often involves a series of discoveries. Although I decide upon the subject of the painting before I begin, I rarely know what the final result will be, as I use a variety of media to create the finished piece. I begin by texturing the support on which I am going to paint, whether I am using paper, board or canvas, by layering with various papers. Once dry, I apply a coat of gesso and put the work aside. I sometimes create a number of these in advance and use each one as I need. The random textures that I create in this way often leads to the first discovery and can suggest a new way of interpreting the subject I had in mind. I will then start the process of applying colour and shape to the painting. Sometimes I am led by the mood of the piece and will start with a series of blues and ochres. At other times, warm reds and oranges seem to need to dominate and the entire painting can evolve around this mood. I never draw the outline of the painting beforehand, composing the picture as I work, which also adds to a feeling of discovery. Shapes appear as I apply planes of colour, and I will exploit these if they seem exciting, layering one colour over another and scraping back to the layers beneath. By experimenting with layers, shapes and colour I am often surprised by the effects that are achieved, keeping the process of painting constantly stimulating. To discuss any of Anuk Naumann's art works please contact or call 07799 535765 / 01869 338155.

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