Adele Riley. The waters of beautiful Saunton, contemporary seascape, original seascape painting of Devonshire coast

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  • About this work of Art

    The waters of beautiful Saunton is an original acrylic and acrylic ink painting by British artist Adele Riley. With a soft pallet of muted colours this sunset painting of Saunton Sands in Devon gives a sense of calm and space.
    As a British-born artist living in Gloucestershire, I’m surrounded by some of the most natural and inspiring surroundings in the UK, well-placed to benefit from a huge variety of light, texture, and drama – perfect for what I do.
    I usually begin by sensing the subject, sometimes using a photo or a sketch to extract weather, light, horizons and shapes to commit the scene to canvas with a variety of media and paint.
    When it comes to subject, I’m as happy looking for an expansive coastline, packed woodland or open fields every bit as much as getting in close to a feeding blackbird, a butterfly settling, or flowers budding. The most important ingredient is finding the emotion of the scene offered by the light and atmosphere of the moment.
    What I fear most is repetition, so I experiment a lot with media and colour, asking questions of the fresh and the new, trying things out (getting things wrong), but all the time learning and looking to improve.
    Having studied Illustration at Epsom School of Art, I have always continued to learn and develop from my experiences and travels. Not having a formal arts grounding I found to be a positive thing, as I could appreciate painting by it’s many disciplines. I learned more by challenging the rules of fine art, as well as applying them. It helped drive my enthusiasm until I arrived at a style of painting that represents me as an artist.
    In addition to painting, I teach art to adults and children both through my business based in Gloucester, and in surrounding local schools.

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    • Size : H 33.5 cm x W 33.5 cm
    • EC51DD51-7AA4-4B52-8AD4-ABE4AE189696
    • 99A4F9EC-EFCB-4068-A86B-B4D179812E1C
    • A00A3F72-8558-44FD-A157-2FA8C4DBD1E7

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