Roberta Tetzner, Water Laughter, Contemporary Impressionist Art

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  • About this work of Art

    Roberta Tetzner
    Water Laughter
    Original Mixed Media Painting
    mixed media including acrylic paint, ink, pen, crayon, collage of dust and plastic on canvas.

    Canvas Sizes: each of the 2 canvases are 80cm H x 60cm W x 3.3cm Deep.
    Placed together the 2 canvases are 80cm H x 120cm W x 3.3cm Deep. The edges have been painted pale blue. The paintings are ready to hang. The canvases can be hung with a small distance between them if so desired.

    Sold Unframed

    Water Laughter is an original painting by Roberta Tetzner.
    This contemporary impressionist painting is inspired by the reflections and movement of water in the natural environment and the joy of experiencing such a vibrant, beautiful place. I used a range of materials to create this artwork. Layering paint, drawing materials, collage and anything else I can lay my hands on to create the marks and textures I am looking for. I use conventionally discarded materials that I find beautiful and helpful in my search for making interesting images.
    My aim is to create works of art that allow personal interpretation and that through their imagery highlight and represent some of the beauty of the landscape and our experiences within it. My surroundings (South Oxfordshire at present) are the starting point for most of my work and I draw from both the macro and the micro images of the landscape: the map-like, large-scale images of a particular piece of land, through to the detailed images of a garden layout or a particular plant. My own garden has recently greatly influenced my work as well as the Thames, on which I have occasionally rowed. The influence of colour on emotion and mood also plays a strong role in my painting. Roberta Tetzner works in the UK using her surroundings and travels as inspiration for her art. With an MA Degree, she has taught Art and Design at college level for many years, and has exhibited at various exhibitions both in the UK and abroad. Her work can be found in collections in the UK, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and Spain.

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    • Size : H 80 cm x W 120 cm
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    • 100214 Water Laughter R Tetzner detail (4)
    • 100214 Water Laughter R Tetzner detail (3)
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