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Claire Chandler
Wonderland, 2016
acrylic on canvas

The blinding white Perito Mereno Glacier towers above the most incredible turquoise water. Out of the silence, a sudden crack… a huge piece of ice crashes into the river below sending a reverberating roar around the valley that echoes through your body. This painting is based on my experience of witnessing one of the worlds hidden wonders.
I chose to work large scale to give the impression of the vast size of the landscape in which I was standing, the intense colours and intuitive brush work evoke my feelings of awe in nature and seeing one of the worlds last advancing glaciers.

Size: H:122 cm x W:152 cm

Discover contemporary artist Claire Chandler's works online with Wychwood Art. Claire Chandler was born in Hereford yet spent much of her childhood living abroad. This developed into a love of travel and experiencing new places. Claire graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from The University of Northumbria in 1997 with the Terry Stephenson Prize. She has since been runner up for the Celeste Art Prize, has had regular exhibitions in and around London. She currently lives and works in Carshalton, Surrey. "My work is a direct response to my surroundings, visual memories of places I have lived, travelled to or explored. Colour, shape and form evoke responses in both the artist and the spectator - often these responses are indefinable. Through a layering of colour and a richness of surface I invite the viewer to wander and explore, creating their own personal journey." To discuss any works by Claire Chandler, please contact or call 07799 535765 / 01869 338155.

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