Fabulous day at the seaside

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  • About this work of Art

    A great day at the seaside flying your kites high into the sky having fun running on the sand with a warm sunny breeze on your face
    Or relaxing walking the dog on the beach and enjoying watching everyone enjoying them self’s with no cares in the world

    Balloons, seagulls, seascapes, seaside, summertime, people, original paintings, Gordon Barker

  • Additional information
    • Size : H 29 cm x W 29 cm
    • 77963938-26F4-498D-A43E-FD1DCE5A0CFB
    • 70EB7B07-C158-4EDC-ADE9-D34AFA87924C
    • BAB78816-26E0-4D29-9C4A-05EAD8ADCA39
    • 7D822C36-779B-4D33-87D2-57F5F310C123
    • 6AE21470-A45A-4C6B-9EC9-3EB31E06D8DE
    • FC0C49A2-997F-43E8-8AB5-747892D06EF2
    • 43649C92-B0F0-42D4-BA55-37C9A05657F4
    • 0D8CAD8B-2237-45DD-8795-1475D4A32AB4
    • C93D8FC9-806C-4BF5-B16E-38DBEAAB5618
    • E9EB0A2D-594F-4ACE-ADD5-BD60EC12655E
    • 715C3826-6EC7-4E94-ACD8-DF0B6ACEA8B2