‘Gazardiel iii’ (part 3/3 – sold as a triptych for £1500)

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  • About this work of Art

    Emma de Polnay
    ‘Gazardiel i’ Part 1/3 – sold as a triptych for £1500
    (Please note: I am open to offers to sell this work individually, but the price of a single work will increase from £500pp to £650pp)
    – Original Mixed Media Artwork on 300gsm Banks Cream watercolour paper
    – Tea, candle wax, graphite, acrylic, Chinese and gold ink, clay
    – Sheet Size: H 56cm x W 36.5cm
    – Portrait
    – Sold Unframed
    – Keywords: Contemporary figurative art, original life painting, abstract impressionist painting

    About the work
    This Triptych is of the Archangel Gazardiel
    Gazardiel is an angel who holds dominion over the rising sun, this angel encourages new beginnings, awakening and enlightenment.
    Given the extraordinary times we are living through in 2020, I wanted to conjure her into our world through my drawings. We need her to lead us out of darkness and turmoil, and into renewal and light with her joyful dance.

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    • Size : H 56 cm x W 36.5 cm
    • Gazardiel_iii_EmmadePolnay_WychwoodArt_mixedmediaon300gsmwatercolourpaper56x36.5cm_FootDetail
    • Gazardiel_iii_EmmadePolnay_WychwoodArt_mixedmediaon300gsmwatercolourpaper56x36.5cm_chestdetail
    • IMG_7575
    • Gazardiel_Triptych3_EmmadePolnay_WychwoodArt_mixedmediaon300gsmwatercolourpaper