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Dance Movement 1 By Joanna Commings


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Joanna Commings
Dance Movement 1
Original Abstract Figure Painting
Acrylics on paper
87 x 60 cm
(Please note that in situ images are purley an indication of how a piece may look).

I used to attend a life drawing group where one of the models was a ballet dancer. She would go through dance moves, continuously moving around the large studio floor and you tried with pencil and charcoal to catch quick fleeting poses before they changed – images partially recorded before she moved on. I then added colour to enhance the series of rapid lines and form. I wanted to keep the movement live and active, so chose warm reds interspersed with cool blues. A great atmosphere of concentration and haste as she seamlessly moved through her paces. For her a good workout, for us, the artists engrossed, a mixture of desperation, as one beautiful pose melted before us and was lost unrecorded among our furious activity to miss nothing, catch it all.

Size: H:60 cm x W:87 cm

Joanna Commings artist sells her wonderful artworks online with Wychwood Art and in their contemporary gallery. Joanna says: "I was born in London. My father was an artist and I began painting and drawing from a very early age. At first my main interest was in life drawing and portraiture, which I still enjoy, but my love of landscape really began after a move to Cornwall in 2002. I saw moody, dramatic, scenery and became determined to try to express a response to it in paint. A move to Somerset in 2015 has shown me a calmer, more reflective, but equally engrossing, environment. What interests me is the effect of varying light levels, weather and seasons on the landscape. I try, through using colour as emotively as possible, to create a dramatic narrative and provoke a response. I work mainly in acrylics, which I love for their versatility, on canvas, watercolour paper or board. I am an Associate of the South West Academy and my work is exhibited at galleries in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Hampshire." To discuss works by Rupert Aker please contact director, Deborah Allan at, or call 07799 535765 / 01869 338155.

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