Out in the snow

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  • About this work of Art

    On a wonderful winters day going out into the fresh snow and running around throwing snowballs, making snowmen and having that great feeling with the cold fresh air on your face
    And not knowing all realising all the things and animals and birds around you watching

    Winter, snow, snow scenes, snowmen, people, cats and dogs, birds, landscapes, Gordon Barker

  • Additional information
    • Size : H 25 cm x W 35 cm
    • 591DAC56-C7B8-436A-8E96-508BF20C9421
    • 7A172E61-6A36-4038-9BC5-2D2597A6934B
    • 3387126C-B53E-42D3-AAF5-C841C63350A2
    • 3C416C25-8135-4589-9036-D1C4E9311F34
    • C7170781-5614-4B74-B771-1B719541C384
    • CD847059-D1AB-45AE-A081-C8326A9A2AB9
    • 0DC1ED1B-10E4-4DCF-93B2-30559037F0AD
    • 79D8C252-2635-420D-BE3A-B194322ED0DF
    • FC9D23BA-10F4-4C07-851C-F2F0E547EC57
    • 9D01C26A-DD7A-488D-B62E-AC0DA0470A9C
    • 198B38C9-CE61-49E2-A0E7-A600AA508376
    • D912CDB3-DBFA-4760-90B9-9818FE645CB0
    • 08A33CBE-7330-4992-9BD7-F8C968C784CB
    • CED7EDF2-60CE-4F51-87BE-46EC831A9CD7