Snowy day at the harbour

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  • About this work of Art

    A great snow storm at the harbour a fantastic feeling of snow and the sea breeze on your face and sledding and running down the hill

    Snowmen, snowscape, winter, seascape, snow, people, lighthouse, boats

  • Additional information
    • Size : H 25 cm x W 35 cm
    • 74398C81-149B-4178-86CB-3216FA82CC14
    • 236FBCE6-FAE0-4DBC-9076-267D298C7C35
    • E8755B10-19DC-43E1-AE43-D10888D4A800
    • 8DB7A417-AB79-4A66-8252-0B13525EDC71
    • 52ACEC9F-4C74-4C20-B656-A5C993D5277A
    • FEC3A41A-4B46-4731-BA19-D9116E6443B1
    • D6CE206D-3765-4F59-AF18-B1F6E13D34BF
    • 9490E351-EE9B-4687-B93B-B0689C4FE9F1
    • 20DCDFD9-630B-4658-9736-2F494A22DEBC
    • 8BD7A0AD-8C86-4EEB-9ED7-69FB8FA5535E
    • A89D718B-8976-4D25-963F-1949BB649C85
    • CE552B4D-D226-47F7-A323-CDA51F2445E3
    • 6E902D16-9296-4952-BAA7-D1B9C87DFEF0