T.Rex concert

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  • About this work of Art

    The T.Rex band and concert I never saw, but would of loved to one of my favourite bands and singers Marc Bolan with his very catchy songs and music never get fed up listening to them especially when painting
    This is a painting I have had in mind for a longtime, I feel it’s a happy fun painting

    Original paintings, landscapes, Gordon Barker, people, cats and dogs, summer

  • Additional information
    • Size : H 29 cm x W 29 cm
    • 3C12180B-CB1B-499D-B7C3-98329B031180
    • 6DF05350-955D-4DEE-A83F-8CF4A21730CF
    • 26A09FFB-0623-46E9-8E83-426164E20605
    • 9FEE35F9-8F35-46B7-B417-40511A799EA1
    • F74EA33D-10A4-4D34-8FC7-42DE31BD2DD0
    • 1D6BCBED-B3D9-4B32-8CD2-0EE04A0DEF7A
    • 9F4010C4-4237-41E0-A0B8-7F6C75E025EB
    • 211AEDEE-73CF-4413-ADA6-4ABC1315B7EB
    • 85CDE8F8-579F-453F-A3F2-F2F11E9A6D20
    • D628C559-4D9A-4177-8ED0-2FD9B532CE56
    • 87EBC92C-7047-4374-96CE-631EF3A4FD15