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Undone series, Triptych


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The ‘Undone series, Triptych’ by Nicola Grellier consists of X3 separate boards created using cloth and paper collage on board. 1 board measures: 91cm x 122cm. Overall, 3 boards measure: 273cm x 122cm.
Sold unframed.
Signed by the artist.

Nicola Grellier’s collage series UnDone initiated a period of deconstruction and remaking where her collage pieces have expanded into the larger human space taken by her drawings. Unpicking worn clothing, flattened shapes, raw edges and the working blue all play to ideas of familiarity and recognition. They are reverse pattern cuttings and, while being playful and immediate, with a nod to the cut-outs of Matisse, they have a direct lineage from ‘women’s work’, making skills, collecting and communal making through to feminist collage, assemblage and even performance.

Size: H:122 cm x W:273 cm

Discover original large collage creations by Nicola Grellier online with Wychwood Art and in their Oxfordshire Art Gallery. Nicola Grellier was born in Canada in 1966 and moved to London aged 1. She studied at Wimbledon and Chelsea Schools of Art in the mid 80s and lives in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Grellier is studying MA Fine Art at UWE Bristol 2017-2020. Nicola Grellier uses materials and methods which may be considered uncontemporary and of low value. Her practice often involves lengthy investments of making-time which connect with a lifelong interest in and practice of what’s traditionally considered to be ‘women’s work’. Grellier aims to provoke an awkward sense of relevance and attempts to make concrete the extraordinary brevity of moments of clarity/ happiness with these foolhardy activities. Grellier employs mundane objects and materials as describers of human space such as clothing, chairs, room screens, brown paper, wool, discarded plastic, pill packets and pencil to examine emotional states of vulnerability and confidence and the collision of body and consciousness. To discuss any of Nicola Grellier's original collages please contact or call 07799 53576/ 01896 338155.

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