Undone series, Triptych

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  • About this work of Art

    The ‘Undone series, Triptych’ by Nicola Grellier consists of X3 separate boards created using cloth and paper collage on board. 1 board measures: 91cm x 122cm. Overall, 3 boards measure: 273cm x 122cm.
    Sold unframed.
    Signed by the artist.

    Nicola Grellier’s collage series UnDone initiated a period of deconstruction and remaking where her collage pieces have expanded into the larger human space taken by her drawings. Unpicking worn clothing, flattened shapes, raw edges and the working blue all play to ideas of familiarity and recognition. They are reverse pattern cuttings and, while being playful and immediate, with a nod to the cut-outs of Matisse, they have a direct lineage from ‘women’s work’, making skills, collecting and communal making through to feminist collage, assemblage and even performance.

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    • Size : H 122 cm x W 273 cm
    • Undone-Series-Nicole-Grellier-Wychwood-Art (2)
    • UnDone #2
    • Undone #3
    • UnDone #4
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