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Row your boat


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Katie Hallam | Row your boat | Digital photograph

An iconic rowing image is taken on the River Thames at Henley where the seasons of Regatta and summer join together to show a spectacular sporting event. This direct photographic print on Aluminium Dibond ensures a luxurious glare-free, matte finish. It comes with parallel aluminium rails to hang on your wall.

Limited Edition Photograph
50 x 103cm


Deborah Allan ( chief art curator ) comments

“We love Katie Hallam’s ( The Beautiful Error) photographic artworks that she manipulates to create contemporary art works that are mounted onto aluminium. This work by Katie Hallam reminds me of a very famous painting by the female artist, Natalia Goncharova, whose works are currently on view at Tate Britain. Goncharova’s rowers from 1912 are like Katie Hallam’s photograph charged with energy and I was fortunate enough to have a hand in selling Goncharova’s artwork whilst I was at Christie’s auction house.

The then owners of the masterpiece by Goncharova did not know the value of the work as they were given it as a gift about 20 years before they decided to sell it. Whilst I was viewing and valuing the painting of the rowers in their home their son was kicking a football against the wall next to the painting and I suggested that it might be a good idea for no balls to be next to the painting as I knew straight away I was standing in front of a masterpiece.  Little did they know how much it was worth and it was a truly magical moment when it came up for sale in the saleroom at Christie’s. The estimate was £100,000-150,000 but this 2005/2006 and the Russian market was just taking off and on the day of the auction the room was buzzing with excitement and the price soon rose to half a million then it just kept on going until the hammer finally came down at £1,050,000 and with premium this made it £1,184,000! Straight after the sale I ran out of the “Great Room” to greet the owners and we all embraced as were shaking we were all so excited. It was one of my most wonderful and treasured memories at Christie’s to have a hand in getting to sale a masterpiece and knowing that the vendors were delighted with the sale. Huge thanks to Katie Hallam for creating a powerful, iconic and striking image that other people can enjoy and I can once again help to sell.”

Size: H:112 cm x W:63 cm

Discover digital photography by Katie Hallam, also known as 'The Beautiful Error,' online with Wychwood Art and in their Oxfordshire Art Gallery. Katie Hallam says: "Technology consumes us all in today’s society. I am interested in the relationship we have with all digital technologies and as a Photographer I am intrigued in exploring the construction and deconstructing of digital image data, coding, pixels and the ‘glitches’ that can occur in our technological experiences. My collections explore the question: Is it the technology itself that is the cause of ‘the beautiful error’ or our own hand that forces the interruption? My photographs are rewritten, deliberately corrupted and then played with some more through processes which stem from computer hardware, apps, operating systems and data coding. The results are unique and random and often give an appreciated aesthetic that encourage viewers to capture otherwise unnoticed details through pixels, colour and composition and clearly please those who are excited about technology itself. Whether or not you accept a glitch or an error in technology as an art form, glitches themselves are short-lived, unless captured and displayed and it’s my passion as an artist to do just that." To discuss any of Katie Hallam's artworks, please contact or call 01869 338155 / 07799 535765.

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