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Lost Boy

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  • About this work of Art

    Lost boy ,Limited edition bronze figure of a boy, 1/25, mounted on alabaster, by Alison Bell, 2019.
    H:48cm W:15cm

    Alison Bell’s figurative sculpture captures those innocent childhood moments. Alison Bell has been selling with Wychwood Art Gallery for a number of years and we stock all of her works. Alison Bell sculptor comments “I try to make work that touches the free spirit in us, most often through memories of childhood. I’m drawn to the times when we lived and played in our own imagination, unobserved, scaling fortresses & standing on the ramparts as kings of the castle just quietly inventing our own worlds.” “My work is essentially figurative and rooted in my early practice as a portrait sculptor. While the truth of the figure is important to me, my aim is to evoke the moment – the energy, the glee, our curiosity, the tenderness in our hearts.” “I work freely & quickly in wax, observing & remembering, and then refine each piece before casting in bronze.”


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    • Size : H 48 cm x W 15 cm
    • lost boy close up
    • alison bell lost boy

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