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Champagne Chairs – Joanne Tinker – installation art – recycled materials


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Champagne Chairs
70 x 70cm, framed in a grey frame.
A unique wall sculpture by Joanne Tinker, depicting champagne chairs made of recycled bottle tops and cork screws.
This work is a one-off but commissions are welcome.
Joanne’s work is heavily influenced by the concept of recycling; transforming metal bottle tops, acupuncture tubes, confectionary wrapping, and aluminium cans into something precious, something special.

Size: H:70 cm x W:70 cm

Joanne Tinker sculptures available at Wychwood Art. Joanne Tinker seeks to transform ordinary objects into something precious, something special. Metal bottle tops, acupuncture tubes, confectionary wrapping and aluminium cans have all featured as materials, although chocolate foil wrappings remain a constant in her work. Her current work has appeared at London’s Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. While, the New York Museum of Art & Design and The White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney own pieces. 'The use of chocolate foil wrappings remains a constant in my work - not because of my love of chocolate - but rather my wholehearted appreciation of the material’s colour, texture, delicacy and strength. Simply, I unwrap one form and recreate another. And then repeat' For more information about Joanne Tinker's work please contact Deborah Allan at or 01869338155. New works by Joanne Tinker will be available from October in the gallery.

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