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Gold Plated Mackerel


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Gold Plated Engineered Mackerel by artist Alastair Gibson is a Carbon Art Engineered Inspired Sculpture. Sculptures limited to ten pieces per colour option.

Alastair Gibson says: “A sculpture of an iconic, fast fish with a hydro-dynamic, low-drag shape. Selected parts and materials used in this sculpture are parts from modern F1 Grand Prix cars as listed below.”

Sculpture spec

– Body: Carbon fibre, 4 plies / layers 2 x 2 twill 200 gsm material 2.4 mm total thickness.
Dorsal, second dorsal and vent fins: 0.4 mm gold plated photo etched stainless steel with helicopter tape vacuumed covering. This tape is used for the protection of wing and body work leading edges.
Caudal, pectoral and tail fins: 0.4 mm gold plated photo etched stainless steel.
– Nostrils: 0.1 mm Aluminium aero tape, used on 50% wind tunnel models.
– Jaw detail: 1.75 mm 50/56 rolled aluminium welding rod used in the welding of oil and water radiators header tanks.
– Eyes: Titanium machined top hat with ‘diamond’ insert.
– Gill covers: 0.2 mm gold fablon with needle rollers from the Honda gearbox hub bearings part no BRG 000 310.
– Marking detail: Stencilled gold coated markings.
– Exhausts: – 3 Titanium 45° hydraulic fittings.
– Mounting: FIA legality perma-glass underfloor plank from Sahara Force India F1 Team, part number P080 C02 1008 / 1 L24, used at the 2014 Monaco GP, Nico Hulkenburg, with floor stay 1070 D02 0030.
– Mounting methods: Desk or floor mounted.

Dimensions: L 60cm W 11cm H 38cm on base.
Weight: 650 grams

Size: H:38 cm x W:11 cm

Alastair Gibson has unique Carbon Art engineered inspired sculptures for sale with Wychwood Art in their art gallery and online. Alastair was born in 1962 near Johannesburg, South Africa. He completed his schooling at King Edward Vll boy’s school followed by two years compulsory national service in the South African army. Exposure to marine life during annual family vacations on the Natal South Coast inspired Alastair to take sculpture classes to show the way he saw interesting fast fish. With an interest in motor racing influenced by his father and an education in balance-engineering, Alastair set off to Europe with an ambition to work in the motor sport industry. This resulted in a career of twenty two years, fourteen of which were in formula one, four as lead mechanic for the Benetton F1 Team and ten as race team chief mechanic for the BAR and Honda Grand Prix Teams. Drawing similarities between modern motorsport engineering and his love for the natural world, Alastair uses his acquired engineering skills and experience to recycle F1 car parts sourced from Grand Prix teams to show his passion for art through his signature medium of carbon fibre sculpture. Alastair’s work has been exhibited world wide and his sculptures have been purchased by collectors in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East and South Africa. Alastair’s work can be viewed in selected galleries, including Wychwood Art, in the UK, the United States, Europe, Russia, Dubai and South Africa. Now in his eighth year as a full time artist, Alastair is being recognised as a forerunner in carbon fibre sculpture and with his team is undertaking a variety of projects including private commissions, installations, a lifestyle product collection. To discuss any works or to commission art by Alastair Gibson, please contact Deborah Allan on or call 07799 535765 / 01869 338155.

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