Coney – Palooka – Vanilla

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  • About this work of Art

    Harry Bunce
    Coney – Palooka – Vanilla
    Contemporary Animal Sculpture
    Painted Resin
    Edition of 45
    Size:  H 20.32cm x W 12.7cm
    Signed by Harry Bunce

    Coney – Palooka – Vanilla is a limited edition sculpture by Harry Bunce. Coney is another name for rabbits and a Cone is the shape he is based upon. He always has a tear in one eye. I hope there will be a range of Coney characters but for now there is ‘Palooka’, he stands stands 8” tall to tip of ears and 5” wide glove to glove.  Handmade in Britain. Each figure is made of 6 cast resin sections and is painted, signed and numbered by myself. Each figure comes in unique tubular packaging.

    Harry Bunce was born and raised in a small Hampshire village, his family were builders. Following a short and volatile spell at art school he moved west to the city of Bristol. Working in the fashion industry by day he continued to draw and paint by night. Over the years Harry’s work slowly began inhabiting metropolitan walls, galleries and homes. A chance collaboration with screen printing gurus, Screen One, who also worked with Banksy and Nick Walker, introduced a more graphic element to his style, sharpening it’s unique, slightly unnerving edge. His work can possibly best be described as ‘Folk Art’ but defies easy categorisation. He often raises envoironmental concerns and is a fierce defender of the countryside. Cute? Maybe, but seldom completely cuddly. Bunce now lives in rural Somerset, his work is shown throughout Britain and recently made its debut in New York.

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    • Size : H cm x W cm
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