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Large Dome with Dahlias


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Isabel Dodd Large Dome with Dahlias 2018

Isabel is passionate about flowers and fascinated by their complex forms. She recreates the structures and shapes of individual flowers which balance lightly on wires. Her mixed media, modern approach turns a flower into a mesmerising sculpture.
In this piece Isabel has observed and scrutinised Dahlias from bud to full bloom which trapped inside an original Victorian dome.
Made from a light composite fabric, each flower is individually stitched and moulded.

Isabel believes that a room without flowers is a room without soul, her sculptures bring life and constant blooms to any space.

Size: H:53 cm x W:20 cm

Isabel Dodd unique artworks are availbale with Wychwood Art online and in our art gallery in Oxfordshire. Isabel Dodd comments :- I am passionate about flowers. Inspired by their complex forms, I recreate their individual structures using a fabric manipulation technique. Each flower is stitched individually, every one unique. Not using colour, I rely solely on the three dimensional character of each flower to produce an everlasting form. Made with composite fabric and balancing on wires, every flower stands elegant and gently swaying as they would in every garden. My floral structures offer any interior an immortal decorative installation, breathing life into your room. To discuss any of these works please email

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