Jane Shaw. Mrs Darling. Head of a Zwartble Sheep Bronze resin sculpture limited edition

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  • About this work of Art

    Jane Shaw
    Mrs Darling
    Head of a Swartble Sheep
    Limited Edition Bronze Resin Sculpture
    Edition of 12
    Size: H 148 cm (including the base) W 40cm D 40cm
    Height of the head of the sheep without the stand is: 45cm
    Please note that in situ images are purely an indication of how a piece may look.

    Mrs Darling is a limited edition bronze resin sculpture of a sheep’s head by Jane Shaw.

    Mrs Darling is a pet zwartbles sheep who we have had with us for over two years now. She comes into the house, loves horse feed, pasta, bread – basically any food other than sheep pellets! She wonders around the garden eating all the flowers and grass and wonders why she is banished to the stable at night rather than our house – as she feels more human than sheep!

    She is old and wise, and has an amazingly expressive face to go with it, which I am constantly drawing and photographing in order to try and capture her spirit. I decided to create a sculpture of her face, in clay and so found myself in the yard for hours and hours either with my camera, clay or pad and pens and this is what I produced as a bronze wild life sculpture, even though our sheep is more of a pet animal! Certain features I have exaggerated like her extraordinary ears which are always moving in opposite directions to one another and her huge staring eyes, always watching your every move in total silence and the wonderful textural contrast from her black smooth face to her big thick body of fur.

    This is a life size bronze resin sheep’s head, which I have positioned on a thin, dark metal stand to minimise distraction from her face. Its at eye level or just below and looks very striking in the corner of a room with contemporary or antique surrounds, or in the garden or a court yard. Its not a wildlife bronze sculpture which you need to walk all the way around so it can be positioned in a corner or with front view – a rare thing for a sculpture.

    After completing a degree in History of Art at Manchester University, Jane spent her early career with a firm of Fine Art Valuers and Consultants travelling and living abroad before returning to London to set up and run a recruitment company, which she then sold after a decade. On moving to Dorset in 2013, she has revived her love for sculpture inspired by her life long interest in animals, and the outdoors. Jane is passionate about the portrayal of both animals and humans, and often working directly from life, focusing on movement and the overall essence of her subject. Jane continues on her own sculpture projects, producing work in both bronze and bronze resin and is now beginning to develop larger scale projects in plaster which are cast for the outdoors. In 2015 she was awarded First Prize for her sculpture of a Racing Greyhound at the Bath and West Show and then won the same award in 2016 for her sculpture of a Hare’s Head – ‘All Ears’.

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    • Size : H 148 (including plinth) cm x W 40 cm
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