Multicoloured raku I

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  • About this work of Art

    Emma Bell
    Multicoloured raku I
    Varied sized ceramic vessels glazed in an assortment of raku glazes.
    Framed artwork with non reflective glass. The work has the appearance of pots in situ on shelves with no glass in front. The pots are fixed to the shelves.

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    • Size : H 73 cm x W 73 cm
    • raku coloured ceramics installation
    • emma-bell-multicoloured-raku- ceramics-contemporary-art-unusual-art-sculpture-detail-1
    • emma-bell-multicoloured-raku- ceramics-contemporary-art-unusual-art-sculpture-detail-2
    • emma-bell-multicoloured-raku- ceramics-contemporary-art-unusual-art-sculpture-detail-3
    • emma-bell-multicoloured-raku- ceramics-contemporary-art-unusual-art-sculpture-detail-4
    • Raku detail ceramic art
    • Raku closeup of artwork
    • Blue raku close up Wychwood Art
    • multicoloured raku installation

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