Raku blue I

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  • About this work of Art

    Emma Bell
    95cm x 28.5 cm x 7cm
    Raku fired porcelain
    Emma Bell’s ceramicInstallation Piece.
    Emma Bell says: “This piece is all raku fired porcelain. I loved making this piece. The raku process is very exciting. I have made all the pieces of different heights But the same width to make a uniform flow but the versatility & unpredictability of the raku process shows in every piece with the same glaze used on each piece , but each one so different to the next. “

  • Additional information
    • Size : H 28.5 cm x W 95 cm
    • 829ABB44-2C90-4650-BBEE-5676CA7F5342
    • D157748E-F5DB-4B1E-BE34-7A79BE3BF148
    • 1188A044-4D84-4D8B-888E-4B306AACCD44
    • 04E378A6-1A44-412B-9699-A365C554DC69
    • 4DC0FB91-25E8-400E-B876-EDCFB92D1518

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