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Stacker PA by Jeremy Morgan


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Stacker PA by Jeremy Morgan [2019]


acrylic on box-mounted MDF panels

Image size: H:26 cm x W:23 cm

Complete Size of Unframed Work: H:26 cm x W:23 cm x D:6cm

Sold Unframed

Please note that insitu images are purely an indication of how a piece may look

The Stacker series of painitngs use mundane materials in their construction – carpentry off-cuts. The hard edges of each panel abutted to its neighbour create untraversable ridges within each painting – each an isolated cell lacking an obvious portal in or out, yet with a considered compositional relationship to its near and not-so-near neighbours. I find it interesting to use the by-products of the artisan carpenter’s “world of the hand” with my artistic response to the digital world, perhaps linking the modern meaning of “digital” back to the original Latin base “pertaining to fingers".

To discuss any works by Jeremy Morgan please email or call 01869338155 or 07799535765. In my painting I aim to walk a precarious but playful path along boundaries: between object and product, digital and analogue, flat and physical, design and art, work and play. I’m aiming to find a response as a painter working in a digital age. Dividing my creative output between design and an evolving contemporary artist practice, my design background has influenced the development of my visual language, which seeks to marry dynamism and friction with the beauty and imperfection of the contemporary world. My pieces are generally painted on board or wood panels – I often build paintings from separate panels which are arranged and re-arranged during the process until I feel the composition works. Using separate elements and being open to change during the making process is an important strategy for me and helps keep possibilities open – it's quite common for me to invert or re-order elements many times, so that the final painting ends up radically changed from my original sketches. Many of my paintings are box mounted – the depth of this boxing allowing the works to be elevated beyond the realm of flat painting to become something more crafted and tactile. I'm interested in the potential contradiction of responding to the fast-paced contemporary world with an older, slower technology – paint. But the marks left by my brush on the work's surface which are discernible on close inspection are important signifiers of the possibilities which painting still holds to respond to our present times. To discuss any works by Jeremy Morgan please email or call 01869338155 or 07799535765

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