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The Rush of Summer by Jude McKenna


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The Rush of Summer by Jude McKenna [2021]


Acrylic on canvas

Image size: H:100 cm x W:100 cm

Complete Size of Unframed Work: H:100 cm x W:100 cm x D:3.9cm

Sold Unframed

Please note that insitu images are purely an indication of how a piece may look

An abstracted landscape conveying the feeling and energy of Summer, the heat, the vivid colour and vibrancy of nature in full swing!

Jude McKenna studied fine art painting (BA hons) at art school, and never shifted far from her primary focus and interest which were landscapes. Jude feels very connected with the earth beneath her feet and work provides an escape into a space which is sometimes beautiful, tranquil and calm, and latterly sometimes turbulent. They are not necessarily grounded in the reality of a place, but are often imagined landscapes, with an occasional tenuous link to a real place or memory. Jude is attempting to draw you in to her abstracted space, to immerse you visually, so you may decide what you see and what that means to you. You may feel mists or stillness, changing weather, showers, breezes. There is often water, and always light.

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