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Contrast by Patrick Palmer


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Contrast by Patrick Palmer [2022]


Oil on canvas

Image size: H:75 cm x W:60 cm

Complete Size of Unframed Work: H:75 cm x W:60 cm x D:4cm

Sold Unframed

Please note that insitu images are purely an indication of how a piece may look

Oil painting on (box) canvas - a monochromatic tonal study. Please note this is painted on a box canvas so ready to hang. This piece is created as a sort of open ended visual metaphors for the viewer to interpret - no facial clues to explain her state but plenty of emotion. A definitively black and white image with an ambiguous/grey meaning. Palmer's realistic, monochromatic study of the human form is open ended in its symbolism; although clearly imbued with emotion, the woman's contorted body language, obscured facial expression, flat background and reduced palette create a sense of ambiguity. This allows for an interpretative, interactive element; the viewer is invited to explore this figurative work and create their own assumptions about the narrative. Her nudity and closed body language is intriguing, creating a raw sense of vulnerability and truthfulness.

Patrick Palmer artist with Wychwood Art. Patrick is an established artist specialising in the female form – subtle, classical nudes in oil and red chalk. He left a successful career in media at the age of 40 to pursue his childhood ambition. After attending life-drawing classes for 15 years and studying at Heatherleys (London) and NCAD (Dublin) he is considered one of the Uk's leading figure artists. He teaches life-drawing Windsor's art centre – The Old Court. His work is featured in 'Images of Women in Art' and on the cover of 'Musings of Miss Yellow'. Whilst an element of realism is important, I try to move beyond artistic convention and avoid an image that is too predictable. Realism is not enough - what you take away and what you add to what you see are what transform a picture into art. I believe that the viewer wants to see a degree of draughtsmanship from an artist but they deserve more than this. I aspire to make my pictures touch people personally and to be considered simple works of beauty. “Patrick Palmer is a modern master of figurative art. His post-romantic nudes are not only exquisitely painted, but also dreamy, delicate and suggestive. They only hint at sensuality and evoke fantasy in the subtle and elegant manner that distinguishes art from pornography.” Patrick Palmer artist is shown in Wychwood Art gallery and online . Please call 07799 535 765 or email .

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