Sophie Harden, Next Lot, Horse Art for Sale, Animal Art for Sale, Original Oil Painting of the Races for Sale

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  • About this work of Art

    Original oil painting by Sophie Harden. Next Lot is an atmospheric filled piece of a horse being led to be saddled up for the next lot on the gallops. Set on a vivid dark blue background, using white oil to pick out where the light hits the subject to create a great sense of movement and fluidity. Sophie’s contemporary and fluid technique allows movement to flood the painting, from the explosive energy and grace of horses to the small details that capture a moment in time. Often using a contrast of white oil on bright background colours, Sophie works to accentuate the adaptation of light, making the viewer perceive a 3D object from often just small marks and brushstrokes.

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    • Size : H 65 cm x W 65 cm
    • Next Lot 1
    • Next Lot 2
    • Next Lot 3
    • Next lot 4
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