Polka Dot. Garth Bayley .Horse racing painting

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    Garth Bayley
    Polka Dots
    Original mixed media Painting on paper
    Ink, oil, and Gouache on watercolour paper
    Image size: H 15cm x W 20cm x D 0.1cm
    Sold Unframed
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    Polka Dots is an original painting by Garth Bayley. I’ve used an oil transfer technique for the outlines, washed with ink and finished with bold gouache. I’ve aimed for a more abstract look that is bold in colour. I want you to feel how tightly packed the jockeys are. Horse racing painting affordable art
    Capturing the Heart of Moments’: Garth Bayley works with Oils, Pen and Ink, Watercolour and Pastels. Garth moved from South Africa to the UK which is where he got some of his inspiration from. Garth says: “I find my paintings are darker and more atmospheric in the winter and vibrant in the summer. I have been inspired by the big skies and ever-changing clouds. The buildings also sit very differently in the landscape and I find myself wanting to tell a story rather than taking a snapshot on the place. I tend to go for long walks and this is a great way to immerse yourself in the area you wanting to capture. You build up a memory of place and this then affect your final work.” Furthermore: “I aim to capture the movement and feeling of a moment where it is transformed into a dynamic work of art. My art is in collections across the world with a strong global collectors’ base. I paint sports, cycling, landscape, people, buildings and dancers. My work is big bold and full of movement. I think in painting a building or a person there is a sense of movement. I work across a range of themes in an expressionistic style. I cover sports, people, buildings and landscape. Most is inspired by my everyday experiences. I work mainly in traditional oil on canvas but find water-based oils are faster drying and more immediate on paper. On the paper-based work I love working in other mediums like charcoal and pastels. I also dabble in clay and wire.

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    • Size : H 15 cm x W 20 cm
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