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The Road to St Ives by Eleanor Woolley


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The Road to St Ives by Eleanor Woolley [September 2022]


Oil Paint on Canvas

Image size: H:250 cm x W:250 cm

Complete Size of Unframed Work: H:250 cm x W:250 cm x D:2cm

Sold Unframed

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The Road to St Ives is an Original Painting by Eleanor Woolley. This painting shows the dappled light through the trees on the road to St Ives. Painted during this summers trip to Cornwall, it is painted Impasto with a lovely thick texture. The road curved away in the distances, with the sun capturing it in a warm pink glow. Deep shadows of plum and mauve dance across the paintings forground, whilst the sky breaks through the leaves in the trees.

Eleanor Woolley was born in the Channel Island of Jersey, and moved to Gloucestershire where she was drawn to the outdoors, always taking walks in the landscape. Her first true love for painting came from an inspirational Art teacher at Haberdashers Monmouth School for Girls where she started painting in Oils at thirteen years old. Here she learnt to paint using classic oil painting techniques, and was drawn to the figure from early life drawing lessons. During this period she was fortunate enough to work under Mary Fedden in her studio and with Portrait Sculptor Peter Lambda with whom she further developed her technique and composition. After gaining her BA Hons in Sculpture at Leeds University Eleanor travelled for some time in Asia before coming home to study Furniture making. Eleanor worked as a Cabinet maker and a Restorer before returning to Fine Art painting. Eleanor’s inspiration is taken from her surroundings where she has a love for the every day things, often passed by without a second thought. Eleanor’s paintings are vibrant, often painted Plein air and finished in the studio. Starting with bold outlines, many layers of paint are used to create the depth of colour. Her paintings are spontaneous, using washes of oil to create the desired form. Often finishing with a palette knife producing a pleasing texture. Her current work is inspired by the landscape of the Cotswolds, and contrasted with long shadows created by figures in urban landscapes. Instagram profile;

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