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Fire Sky by Charmaine Chaudry


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Fire Sky by Charmaine Chaudry [2021]


Oil on paper

Image size: H:24 cm x W:32 cm

Complete Size of Unframed Work: H:24 cm x W:32 cm x D:0.1cm

Sold Unframed

Please note that insitu images are purely an indication of how a piece may look

Charmaine's painting 'Fire Sky' plays with contrasting colours and depth. The sun's intensity and reflection through the landscape gives the effect as though it is on fire. Heavy impasto application of oil paint and loose brushstrokes create a painting full of movement and vibrancy. The deep oranges and reds of the sunset cuts through the cool grey and lilac tones of the sky, giving a balance to the piece.

Charmaine Chaudry artist with Wychwood Art. Charmaine’s artwork largely stems from fascination with identity and “the exotic”. Charmaine’s mixed-race English and Pakistani identity is inherent to her work as she feels a pull towards both classically English nostalgic scenes, as well as towards her paternal home of Pakistan, a place that is contrastingly warm and romantic but distant to her daily life. Charmaine plays with these themes of nostalgia, the exotic, and with her own relationship to idealised landscapes to create idealised dream-like scenes, evidenced by her vibrant colour palettes and impressionist bold brushstrokes. Her work fundamentally portrays the joy she finds in the outdoors. She depicts both nostalgic memories of spending endless days exploring her childhood garden, as well as a pull towards warm “exotic” places of her ancestors and her travels. Charmaine wants her audience to find a relatability and comfort in her artwork, whether that is rose-tinted memories, or idealised dreams. To discuss any of Charmaine's work please call 07799 535 765 or email .

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