Jessica Brown. And all the stars will guide us home. Original abstract painting on canvas

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  • About this work of Art

    And all the stars will guide us home
    by Jessica Brown
    Mixed media on canvas
    50 x 70cm
    3cm deep box canvas frame.
    Unframed – Sides of canvas painted dark blue to complement the colours in the painting.

    This abstract blue and white painting is inspired by the need many of us feel, particularly in these turbulent times, for greater calm and clarity, and the feeling that we are all trying to find our own north star to guide us ‘home’.

    Colours: blue, white, yellow, purple.

    Jessica Brown is an artist working in abstract art. Jessica Brown comments “I’m an abstract painter working from my studio in Warwickshire. My work comes from looking at the patterns, shapes, forms, and colours of my surroundings. I’m drawn to intersections – such as organic shapes next to geometric ones. My paintings may remind the viewer of these sources of inspiration, but I try not to make “pictures” of any of it. I use an abstract language of mark making that is both personal and universal. A visual language that I hope has the power, like music or literature, to uplift, and communicate. The shapes I use vary depending on my current inspiration, but I often repeat certain lines, shapes and symbols. You may also discover fragments of maps, or words buried beneath the surface. Although these elements appear in an abstract context, they retain echoes of meaning which the viewer can relate to as they respond to the painting. I use a range of materials: paint, pencil, pastels and collage to build up my paintings in an organic way. I overlay layers of paint, mark and collage to build up the image. This creates glimpses, hidden spaces, things half-seen, suggested. The more you look, the more you’ll see. I continue working until I feel harmony and balance has been achieved and the image has been “found”.

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    • Size : H 50 cm x W 70 cm
    • And all the stars Room
    • And all the stars Detail 1
    • And all the stars Detail 5
    • And all the stars Detail 3
    • And all the stars Detail 2

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