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Pink Moon by Annie Green


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Pink Moon by Annie Green [2021]


Mixed media on wood panel

Image size: H:40 cm x W:40 cm

Complete Size of Unframed Work: H:40 cm x W:40 cm x D:4cm

Sold Unframed

Please note that insitu images are purely an indication of how a piece may look

This painting is a landscape abstracted from dazzling moonlight over water, where colours and shadows dance and shimmer.

Annie Green, Artist, Painter I am an abstract landscape painter, inspired by the countryside of East Lothian, Scotland, where I live and work. In my paintings, I layer colour, mark and remembered shapes to evoke a sense of the place, and my experience of being within it. Living in East Lothian, Scotland, my work is inspired by nature and the beautiful countryside around me. For me, painting explores the abstract values I find within the landscape. I am excited by wild open spaces, a big sky, the restless and unpredictable beauty of the sea, how the weather sweeps in and the light changes moment by moment, the astonishing colours of nature. Painting for me is not about recreating the reality of the landscape, but rather my experience of being in it - what I notice, the sensory experience, the feelings and memories I bring to it, or are summoned up by the place itself. A love of colour drives my painting practice. I work initially from the sketches I make as I walk the coast, fields and hills, often refining down the lines of the land to its simplest form. Later, working from my garden studio, I create small colour studies and then work up these compositions to larger paintings in acrylic and mixed media, often incorporating collage. The process of painting involves many layers, some translucent, some opaque, sometimes covering over previous layers of paint, scratching into, rubbing back, so that the painting’s history reflects the layering and complexity of the land itself. My paintings have their beginnings in real places and experiences, but the process of creating also involves memory, intuition, responding to the nature of the materials, so that the work evolves into abstract pieces which I hope will have resonance for others too.

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