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Memories Of The Sea by Catherine Pennington-Meyer


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Memories Of The Sea by Catherine Pennington-Meyer [2019]


Acrylic on canvas

Image size: H:95 cm x W:128 cm

Complete Size of Unframed Work: H:93 cm x W:126 cm x D:1cm

Frame Size: H:128 cm x W:98 cm x D:1.5cm

Sold Framed

Please note that insitu images are purely an indication of how a piece may look

Memories Of The Sea is an original abstract painting by Catherine Pennington-Meyer. This is a quiet, wistful, and poetic abstract which is very easy to live within a peaceful space.

Catherine Pennington-Meyer is an award-winning artist who currently lives and works near Munich, in Germany. Her work concentrates primarily on abstract expressionism. Catherine has participated in exhibitions throughout Europe and has quickly established a prestigious international collector base. Catherine says of her art: `I see my painting as a kind of language, translating what I feel or experience to those viewing it. I am innately drawn to create raw, emotive, expressionist pieces, mostly abstracts, which distil a subject down to its feeling. I don`t only want my art to be `beautiful` but for it to reach out and touch the person who is viewing it on an immediate, intuitive level. I want my paintings to speak to their audience in their own visceral language. I am influenced by nature, particularly the multifaceted nature of water, and memories of growing up in particularly beautiful landscapes in North Yorkshire and Scotland. I also find human psychology and science fascinating. But I see compositions everywhere, whether it be flowers in a park, the way smoke curls, books on a library shelf or a street market. Everything is made up of shapes and colours. The world is a constant source influences and inspiration.’ Over time, as her work has developed, she has been increasingly compelled towards abstraction, through which she feels able to communicate an energy which is untethered by the constraints of realism. She enjoys playing with light, depth and movement in her art to give it immediacy and to draw a viewer into the composition. Catherine also enjoys poetry, and her works occasionally have accompanying narratives. Catherine views visual and written art as two sides of one coin and likes the notion that ‘painting is silent poetry, and poetry painting that speaks’ (Plutarch). Exhibitions List - Selected for inclusion in the upcoming `Artfolio 2021: Curated Collection of The World`s Most Exciting Artists` - May 2021: Participation In Artbox Projects Barcelona 1.0 - March 2021: Invited to participate in `GAIA The Origin`, exhibition at MADS Gallery, Milan - February 2021: Featured in The Guggenheim Edition of the World of Art Magazine - August 2020: Merit Award, `Waters` International art competition, Art Room Gallery - From July 2020: Representation through Visual Voices International - June/July 2020: Digital exhibition, Artbox Projects gallery, Zurich - June 2020: Awarded first place, `Skies` International juried art competition, Grey Cube Gallery - April 2020: Feature-Article, Discover Germany, Switzerland & Austria Magazine - March 2020: Winner of the `Contemporary Art Gallery 2020` Munich & South Germany Prestige Awards - From Jan 2020: Representation through Five3 Gallery, California, USA - Aug - Nov 2019: Exhibition (as part of Rome Art Week) Gallery `Rossacinabra`, Rome - October 2017: Winner, Photography Juried Art Competition, Fusion Art (USA) - June 2017: Winner, Artists Info International Art Contest (UK) - April 2017: Finalist, Visual Arts Open 2017 - April 2017: Finalist, 2nd Annual Waterscapes Fusion Art Exhibition

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